Neobulle organic cotton ring sheet, 0-18 months


The Neobulle ring sling is a quick and easy to install and adjustable way to carry the baby close to you. Provides a safe and secure place for baby to sleep and explore the world. Gives the wearer more freedom of movement and opportunities for daily tasks. A great breastfeeding aid, providing both privacy and a peaceful environment.

100% organic cotton

Color: natural white

Made in France

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Neobulle organic cotton ringplate

Being in a carrier gives your baby the opportunity to explore the world in a safe and safest place- close to the person closest to them. A safe environment promotes the baby's motor, cognitive and emotional development. Children who are carried, cry less, are more satisfied, sleep better, become more independent faster, are more confident and have more confidence in themselves and their surroundings. In addition, wearing a carrier towel also stimulates the baby's sense of balance and movement. Importnant is so-called frog position, which is the most natural and physiological position for them, favoring the physical, including the development of the hips of the child.

In a carrier, in addition to holding and carrying the baby, you can also calmly feed the baby. Carrier provides the baby with calm air, security and privacy while eating. 

Carrying a baby in a carrier is also convenient for the mother/father, giving more freedom of movement. With free hands, you can carry on your usual activities while keeping your child firmly and safe near you. It is also practical and safe to move around in cramped conditions, such as city streets, public transport, stairs, etc. 

The greatest value of carrying a child close to you, however, is the moments spent together – close to each other, discovering, learning and experiencing the world together. It lays the cornerstone of a trusting and close relationship for life.

Neobulle's really comfortable "hands free" ring diaper is a great aid for everyday use, from birth to 18 months of age. Quick to install and adjust. There are no knots or tying, which is why it is also suitable for a completely new candelabra user. Very light and with little coverage - it doesn't get hot even in hot summer weather. Tightening with aluminum rings allows very precise and uniform support for children of very different weights. Thanks to the knitting method, the fabric is elastic and does not stretch even after daily use and washing. Suitable for use on both the right and left shoulder, according to the wearer's needs and preferences. 

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100% organic cotton

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