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Neobulle natural mosquito repellent, 50ml


Neobulle natural mosquito repellent is an indispensable helper for warm summer evenings. Dry oil sprayed on the body protects the skin from bites and keeps mosquitoes away for at least 5 hours. Suitable for use by all family members from the age of 3

Neobulle natural mosquito repellent

Warm summer days also bring annoying insects. In warm weather, mosquitoes, wasps, wasps and other biting insects are also present. The constant circling and biting of insects is quite unpleasant and can also cause fear in a child.

Almost every insect bite is accompanied by skin irritation, which is indicated by a red bump on the skin. In most cases, the bite site causes pain and itching, regardless of the size of the bump. It is also very difficult to explain to a smaller child that the bump should not be scratched. However, as it gets deeper, the bump starts to itch even more and the irritation increases. Also, the bump itself becomes bigger, as well as more painful and hot.

A child's skin is much more delicate than an adult's, which is why he may notice a more intense reaction to an insect bite. Bite blisters may be larger and redder. The child may become restless, wants to scratch himself intensively. A broken, scratched bump is more likely to swell and fester. It causes a lot of pain and discomfort for the child

The size of the bump and the intensity of the symptoms of irritation depend a lot on the area where the bite took place. Areas with tighter skin, such as the fingers, show less signs of irritation. At the same time, the reaction can be much stronger in the eye area with delicate skin.

The most effective way to deal with insect bites is to avoid them as much as possible. 

Neobulle organic mosquito repellent for babies contains only organic dry oils and essential oils. Does not contain alcohol or preservatives. It is effective against mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks and wasps. 

It is a gentle and healthy option for the delicate skin of the child. Lightly textured oil absorbs quickly, does not leave the skin greasy and does not stain clothes.

Spray evenly on exposed body parts. Avoid getting the oil in the eyes, wounds, mouth and mucous membranes. For external use only. The effect lasts 5 hours. Suitable for use by all family members from the age of 3 years.

It is not possible to avoid all insect bites. It is important to avoid them as much as possible. 

Insects are more common among bushes and trees, in the shade, in the forest and near stagnant bodies of water/puddles. You could definitely use an insect repellent in such places 

Light clothes also repel insects. It would be good to have long ones with a spare cover and long legs, and longer, more spacious ones. Then the insect cannot bite through the cloth. 

Do not use heavily scented shower gels and soap for your child. The sweet smell also attracts insects

Insects are also attracted to moist skin, the smell of sweat and urine. Change the baby's diaper often. A sweaty child should be rinsed with water once. This way, at least some insects lose interest.

An insect bite may need urgent help!

In the case of children, we as parents may not always know what the child is allergic to. This is especially the case during the child's first exposure to different allergens. Therefore, you must also be prepared for a possible allergic reaction after an insect bite.

It is normal to develop redness and a small water wool in the event of an insect bite. However, it is important to understand when this is a critical situation and it is necessary to contact the child to the hospital or call an ambulance.

A situation is urgent when an intense rash occurs on the bite, swelling of the face and/or neck occurs, the child experiences difficulty breathing (wheezing is also a sign of difficulty breathing), sluggishness and/or loss of consciousness occur. In such cases, help should be called immediately.

Consult a family doctor or pediatrician if the place where the insect bite seems to get bigger, hotter or swells.  In this case, it can be either a stronger allergic reaction or an infection.


Dry vegetable oils: Safflower and sesame. Essential oils: fine lavender, pink geranium and lemon, eucalyptus. Coconut oil extract.
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