Fushi organic iron, 60 capsules


Fushi organic iron is enriched with vitamin C-rich spirulina and kale, thus ensuring maximum absorption of this very important mineral. During pregnancy, iron is an important mineral in the prevention and treatment of anemia.

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Fushi organic iron

Iron is an extremely important ingredient in hemoglobin in the human body, participating in the taransport of oxygen-rich blood to cells and the transport of carbon dioxide out of cells. Due to iron deficiency, the body cannot produce sufficient amounts of hemoglobin and iron deficiency anemia develops.

Iron is also important in the production of energy and the formation of red blood cells.

Iron deficiency is signalled by increased and faster fatigue, decreased physical capacity, easily developing irritability, lack of appetite, headache, pale skin, cracked corners of the mouth, apathy and lack of interest, and a weakened immune system. 

Iron deficiency anemia is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, since during pregnancy the woman's blood volume increases, and pre-pregnancy iron reserves are not enough for accelerated hematopoietic and growing pregnancy. Therefore, both hemoglobin levels and

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taking prophylactically 30-60 mg of iron per day to prevent anemia during pregnancy

NB! A food supplement is not a substitute for a healthy and varied food selection

Consume daily iron-rich foods such as red meat, soy products, broccoli, beans, eggs, green leafy vegetables, nuts, pomegranate, strawberries, red beets


60 capsules. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule shell), organic Spirulina powder (Arthrospira platensis), kale powder (Brassica Oleraea L), iron bisglycinate.

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