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Cadenshae Bamboo Nursing Bra


Cadenshae breastfeeding bra made of bamboo is soft and comfortable for the breast during pregnancy and for the period of breastfeeding. The design of the sports bra fits any breast and adapts to changes in the size and shape of the nursing breast. Skin-friendly material for sensitive and demanding breasts.

Cadenshae nursing bra bamboo

I guess all parents dream of babies sleeping wonderfully at night, but the reality is that initially the child should eat at least 8 times a day, which also means feeding the baby at night. 

Did you know that a newborn's stomach is tiny, only a very small amount of milk can fit into it (6ml for a 3kg baby, 8ml for a 4kg baby). Every day, the child's need for food increases a little, so in a week, the child already eats about 60 ml of milk at one meal. 

Breast milk is very well absorbed by the baby and digested quickly, so after 1-2 hours the baby can already start asking for food. Night breastfeeding is very beneficial for both mother and baby. Prolactin levels are higher at night, which promotes milk production. It has also been observed that children eat a larger amount of milk in one meal at night. This is important in the first week to avoid excessive weight loss, but later to ensure good weight maintenance. Breast milk contains more tryptophan in the evening, which has a sleep-promoting effect, allowing the child to sleep more peacefully. In the first months, the child has not yet established a day and night rhythm, it settles down over time. Therefore, there may be nights when the child eats only 2 times a night, but also nights where the child eats every hour

Breastfeeding moms are known to get a little more sleep at night because breast milk is always available, always ready, and always at the right temperature. The only trouble is to help the baby to the breast. By breastfeeding lying down, the mother can continue to nap while the baby eats.

The breast during breastfeeding needs the same support as during pregnancy, and it is recommended to use a bra at night as well. However, the bra used at night could be softer and, if possible, without seams, studs or fasteners. The Cadenshae Bamboo Bra is great for both day and night. The sports design of the bra fits every breast. Soft and stretchy bamboo adapts well to changes in breast shape and size during breastfeeding. The bra does not have grooved seams, clips, fasteners. The bamboo bra offers softness, comfort and light support to the breast. Extremely convenient for feeding at night. No need to open the basket separately, just remove the fabric from the chest.




78% bamboo viscose, 20% nylon, 2% elastane

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